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Do these situations sound familiar?

➢ My child is struggling in school.

➢ Homework time is stressful for me and my child.

➢ I need help communicating with my child's teacher.

➢ I don't know how to help my child with their homework.

➢ My child is transitioning to middle school, and I'm freaking out.

➢ I think my child has a learning disability. I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

➢ My child struggles to regulate, and I don't understand why?

➢ I wish I could just get a babysitter and go out.

➢ I feel like other parents don't understand my challenges as a parent.

➢ My child has an IEP. Help.

➢ I think my child is neurodiverse. I don't know what to do.

➢ I need strategies to help my autistic child learn.

Reframing Personal Mindset on Neurodiversity

Raising a child with different needs presents unique developmental challenges that may differ from those experienced by typically developing children. These challenges could involve delays in speech and language, motor skills, social interactions, or cognitive development. As parents navigate these individualized needs, they often embark on an emotional rollercoaster. While there are moments of joy and pride in their child's progress, there may also be moments of frustration, sadness, and even guilt during difficult times. Balancing these emotions while providing unwavering support requires resilience and coping strategies.

Supporting Your Neurodivergent Child

The challenges a child with an autism or ADHD diagnosis often differ from those without a neurodivergent brain. Special needs children might struggle with behavioral and emotional regulation, which can impact their learning environment and the overall family dynamics. Parents may face difficulties in managing behavioral outbursts, tantrums, or sensory sensitivities, leading to feelings of frustration, stress, and uncertainty about the best approach to support their child's learning and emotional well-being. Let us help you identify ways to best support your child’s educational needs. We believe all children can learn when we teach the way they learn.

Parental Support

Parents need a safe space to process ideas and emotions or even just vent. We are here to listen. Do you need someone to hear you out while you weigh options for your child’s care/education? Do you want to talk to someone that understands the challenges of raising a neurodivergent child? We are here to listen!

Parental coaching offers personalized support and guidance tailored to the unique needs of the family and the different needs child. Partnering with a coach can provide insights and strategies specifically designed to address the challenges the parents and child face.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Communicating with teachers and other school staff can be overwhelming or even intimidating.  Don’t know where to start or what to ask? Let us help you. We can help with a list of guiding questions to ensure you get the most out of a parent-teacher conference. We can even help you generate a clear and effective email to address concerns. 

Help Determine if Your Child Needs a Special Education Assessment

Feeling fear, confusion, or frustration that your child may need special education is natural. We can help you understand that difference between a learning disability and skill deficit and the difference between an IEP and 504.

LGBTQ+ Consulting

While this category may not fall under exceptional needs, it is a sensitive topic for many families. We would be more than happy to answer questions, listen to your concerns, and help you be the supportive, loving, and accepting parent your child needs.

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What our clients are saying

"I was having a difficult time communicating with my daughter’s teacher. Valerie and Cindy provided me with guidance and support to be able to advocate for my daughter and build a positive relationship with her teacher.s"

— Edith R.

"My son was struggling at school due to his ADD. Valerie and Cindy helped me prepare for my son’s 504 and provide me with questions and accommodations to discuss during the 504 meeting. I felt confident and well prepared for the meeting."

— Benyca Z.

"My son recently came out to me and I was lost on how to have an open conversation without making my son feel uncomfortable. Cindy provided me with guidance on what I should say and what questions I should avoid. I’m so thankful for her guidance."

— Maechelle B.

"My children had to transition from private to public school after COVID. Valerie provided me with guidance to make the transition smoother for my children and help keep my worries and their worries to a minimum."

— Jorge R.

About Us

Hi! We are Valerie and Cindy. Together we have over 40 years of experience in education that spans from transitional kinder through college.

Together we raise our autistic son and have become advocates for neurodiversity.

After working with so many families and seeing and hearing about their challenges with the educational system, we decided to create a space where families can get support.

Our passion is to help parents navigate the public education system and become advocates for their children. We want to partner with you to support you in helping your children become resilient and successful learners.


This website provides parent coaching services that offer support, guidance, and feedback from experienced parents and educators. However, it is essential to note that the coaches are not therapists and cannot provide medical or legal advice. For specific therapeutic, medical, or legal concerns, users are advised to seek assistance from qualified professionals in those fields.