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Hi! I'm Valerie

College Professor

My name is Valerie Rosa. When I'm not teaching biology at a local university, I am resetting the WiFi, reciting lines from my son's favorite videos, and putting on puppet shows.

While my titles and degrees have varied over the years, my passion has always been helping others. I've learned the best way to help others is through listening. We all desire to be heard and understood.

I have an educational background that includes a PhD in molecular biology, cognitive coach training, and a California teaching credential. I have worked as a researcher, middle school teacher, college professor, cognitive coach, and parent advocate.

My favorite and most challenging role is being a parent.

As a parent, I've realized the challenges families face in the school system. There can be a major disconnect between teachers and parents. My goals include helping parents advocate for their children while effectively communicating with the school and helping parents be the parent their child needs. Parenting can be tough, but you don't have to do it alone.

Hi! I'm Cindy

School Counselor

I've been in public education for 20 years, 11 as a middle school math teacher and 9 as a school counselor. I have made it my mission to empower parents throughout my career and provide support and guidance to ensure their child achieves their full potential.

I partnered up with my spouse to create a space where parents can get advice to help them make decisions that will forever impact their child's life. We created this space after working with so many parents that felt confused, intimidated, isolated, and lost about how to best help their children,

My experience as a teacher, school counselor, and parent of a child with autism has given me the keys to help parents unlock the closed doors that have made it challenging to help their children thrive in public education.

As a parent of an autistic boy, I am passionate about ensuring all students receive the proper differentiation and understanding.

I hope that parents use our services to help guide them through challenging obstacles that may come up in their child's education.